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●Beppu Bamboo Work

Beppu bamboo work is said to have its origin when commercial baskets were made in the Muromachi era. 

Also, Oita Prefecture is a production center of Madake (Giant Timber Bamboo) and grows the best quality Madake in Japan.

A school to hand down the technique was established in the Meiji era and many artists and technical experts were borne.

A Living National Treasure had emerged from the bamboo work realm for the first time after that.

Beppu bamboo work expanded to bamboo products and artistic craftwork with various braiding techniques characterizing it.  Even today with such techniques and diversity it continues to impress people.



The warmth of the hands of the creator is passed on to the user.

We produce craft products such as bamboo plates and hand baskets for everyday use which make our daily lives just a little bit sweeter.

Using Madake grown in Oita Prefecture, we create by trial and error everyday with the intention of producing artifacts which are simple and will provide some peace of mind to our everyday lives.

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